The Downey Group

Downey Group, LLC Properties & Management, All Glass, LLC, All Division Commercial Products, LLC, All Occasion Party Rental.


Fort Wayne, IN properties are listed below.  Call the office for availability - 260-497-9408.

Retail properties include:                                                                                                                 

5714-5730 Maplecrest Rd (18,000sf strip mall)

1615 West Coliseum Blvd (6,300sf retail/office)

14550 Amstutz Rd, Leo, IN (14,710sf retail center)

4612-4620 Speedway Dr (9,000 retail strip mall)


221 Grandstand Way (18,000sf)

225 Grandstand Way (5,300sf)

Multi unit commercial/office flex space:

6004 Highview Dr (24000sf)

6032 Highview Dr (21600sf)

6016 Highview Dr (10500sf)

6011 Highview Dr (16800sf)

6015 Highview Dr (14400sf)

6015-2 Highview Dr (9600sf)

6014 Huguenard Rd (9600sf)

6020 Huguenard Rd (7000sf)

3406 Metro Dr (7200sf)

3404 Metro Dr (9600sf)

203-205 Grandstand Way (4,800sf)


Pony Express Run (10,000sf)

Mid West Post Offices:

Leo, IN, Woodburn, IN, Avilla, IN, Roanoke, IN, Peotone, IL, Birch Run, MI, Lexington, MI, Newport, MI


Metro Business Park (20+ acres)

Merchantile Village, Leo, IN (3 acres)

Washington Ctr Rd/Huguenard Rd (1.5 acres)

Ft. Myers, FL Properties are

Diamond Center office buildings (14,000sf)